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Who Can Provide Perfect Career Guidance: Parents or Friends

Parents as we all know are people because of whom we owe our existence to this world. Parents know us since the time we were born to our adulthood. Thus, they have the privilege to know more about us and decide a suitable career for us according to our potentials. But its not perfect in most of the cases. Sometimes, feelings override our parents minds and take over it. That is the time when parents forget our likes and dislikes and start telling us to choose the career which they want. Most of the times, this leads to fights, bitter quarrels and sometimes, a disaster ridden career.

Friends are a very important aspect who play a large role in our development of different characteristics. But a friend can only advise us with a career but not guide us with it. A friend can tell us our options but not tell us the way to glory. Even the friends giving advice must be good friends or else we might have to repent for it in the future.

Anyway, out of both of them, no one is a perfect career guider. Even a career counselor is not perfect. The person ideal for career guidance is our teacher – school, tuition; any teacher who knows us well. They will ideally guide us. They have the sufficient experience and don’t think about forcing careers, rather find one which will suit us.

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